Training update (Autumn)

It was good to see quite a few roller skiers at Lane Cove today. Most of them I don’t know which shows that the sport is much deeper than my group.

I’m still getting the hang of my new roller skis but I have definitely turned a corner. I’m much better at balancing one leg now during One Skate (V2). I can’t push at 100% yet without feeling like I’m going to fall over but I’m getting there.

My target shooting in the prone position is going very well. My accuracy is great and I’m getting less random misses. My standing is not so good. My shots are going low although thanks to my coach, Jill, we think we have identified the problem and so with a bit of practise I should be able to get back to a reasonable level of accuracy.

I met another Olympian on Saturday. Dusan Kožíšek  is a cross country skier and has previously competed in the Winter Olympics. He was about to fly back to the Czech republic and had some ski poles for sale. It’s a shame I didn’t have enough time to go roller-skiing with him.

The first snow flakes of the season have fallen and I can feel the excitement building. Also, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive. Have I done enough? Will my balance be good enough by the competition?

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