Catch-up for the last 9 months

I’ve haven’t been updating this blog for many different reasons so I thought it was time to catch-up.

August 2016, I competed in the Australian championships and I won. I won the Masters Men’s Individual event. My skiing was good but what really clinched it was my shooting. In the weeks proceeding I become very flustered with my target shooting. I was missing a lot and you can’t afford to earn many time penalties. And so on the advice of a ex Commonwealth Games target shooter I resolved to take as much time as I needed to get perfect shots. This worked brilliantly. I could ski fast enough that I had time to spare and I ended up as the second most accurate shooter in my group, therefore no one could beat me. Mission accomplished.

The next day was the Sprint event and I completely blew it and to this day I don’t know why. I followed the same procedure in the range and I missed and I missed. I seemed to spend the whole race doing penalty laps while watching my friends disappear up the hill.

One funny moment though was I was skiing up the hill and I could hear someone closing on me. I turned around to see who it was and in doing so crashed into the snow. When I looked up Frank was grinning back at me. Well I wasn’t going to give up so easily so I set off​ after him. I was closing the distance very gradually until Frank suddenly fell over. I skied past and shouted “Jinx”. 

That’s enough for now. I’ll write another update soon. Promise.

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